Shipping by plane to Uruguay with delivery to Home

Licenced Private Courier Fast, Reliable and Convenient


Register the person you are going to make the shipment. At the time of completing the registration, your relative will be assigned an address in Miami with a suite number.


Send your parcel or whatever you wish to send to the address in Miami, including the SUITE number that was assigned when completing the registration, you can also bring your packages directly to our offices.


3-5 days after we deliver the delivery! that easy!

About us

Aerobox Corp is an international logistics company with its own branches in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. In Miami we have 2 own warehouses served directly by the owners, where all the logistics and cargo preparation for international shipments are handled. We work with the latest technology and software systems to be able to respond quickly and effectively to the demand that is required in international logistics. Our staff has more than 30 years of experience in the area of international transportation, merchandise dispatch (customs) and warehouse. That’s why we will be your best logistics alliance!

We focus on serving the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Contact Us

USA Office

5459 NW 72ND AVE Miami FL 33166


Phone Number: +1 305 456-6247

Office Hours: From Monday to Friday from 9 hrs to 16 hrs

Uruguay Office

Liber Arce 3420 (between Julio Cesar y Marco Bruto) Montevideo


Phone: 2622.6662

Fax: 2622.6662

Working Hours: from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday – Friday.

Frequent questions

How long do shipments take?

Shipments arrive in Uruguay in 48hrs since they leave our office.

Do you have offices in my city?

No matter what city you live in USA, you send us your order from anywhere in the USA through USPS, UPS or Fedex. The most economical system is USPS, Correo Americana.

How much does the service cost?

Shipments by air are charged per kilo, by weight. To see the rates do click here .

Can cell phones be sent?

Yes, you can send cell phones, to send cell phones are required to be enabled by URSEC, this procedure has a cost of 15USD and must be done before sending.

Do you deliver to all of Uruguay?

Yes, we ship shipments from Montevideo to any part of Uruguay with home delivery. Deliveries within the country have an additional cost of USD 6 per shipment.

If I do not have a purchase invoice that I want to send, or if I want to send a used item, what should I do?

You simply have to download the value declaration form, which details what is being sent and the approximate value. Download the form here .

Am I moving to Uruguay, how do I send my belongings?

We have a specialized department in Removals in which we assist you with all the steps to follow. We ship complete and consolidated containers. Auto or Moto, for more information contact us by phone at 305 456 6247 .


Weight Rate
less than 1 lb $ 9.99
1 & nbsp; lb $ 12
2 lbs $ 18
3 lbs $ 24
4 & nbsp; lbs $ 29
5 lbs $ 35
5-10 & nbsp; lbs $ 7 per pound
11-15 lbs $ 6.5 per pound
16 – 30 lbs $ 6 per pound

Home delivery within Montevideo: 4.99 USD

Home delivery in the Interior of the country 6 USD

Note: Rates are in US Dollars (USD)

Terms of family commitments for franchising

  1. You can send parcels of new and used items up to 3 times a year to a natural person, of legal age with a Uruguayan identity card (or nationalized).

  2. The shipping weight of this order can not exceed 20kg.

  3. The commercial invoice will be requested if new items or a value statement are sent in the case of gifts or used items that have no invoice.

  4. The value of this assignment can not exceed 200usd , to be exempt from taxes. Eg sending a Play Station up to USD199.99 would not pay taxes, only pay the cost of international shipping, see rates (link to rates)

  5. Do not contain products taxed with IMESI , or merchandise considered prohibited . See prohibited merchandise (link to prohibited merchandise)

List of prohibited items

Prohibited products taxed by IMESI

Even within the merchandise taxed by IMESI there are products that you can not import even if you pay for them. To ship merchandise taxed by IMESI you will need to hire a customs broker.

Prohibited Products:

  1. Alcoholic beverages.

  2. Other products with alcohol, such as perfumes and slate markers.

  3. Concentrated drinks without alcohol, such as solid or liquid concentrated food products. Among these are nutritional supplements.

  4. Cigarettes or cigars. This does not include filters, lighters and other products that are used to smoke but do not contain tobacco itself.

  5. Lubricating oils and greases.

  6. Cosmetics and makeup.

Strictly forbidden products

What is strictly prohibited by mail are some of the products in the following list:

For phytosanitary measures:
  1. Seeds.

  2. Fresh food.

  3. Plants.

  4. Natural flowers.

Other prohibited items:
  1. Pornography.

  2. Drugs.

  3. Controlled substances.

For security reasons:
  1. Flammable products.

  2. Compressed gases.

  3. Explosives.

  4. Infectious materials.

  5. Corrosive elements.

  6. Firearms.

  7. Lithium batteries. This includes “watch batteries”, rechargeable batteries and spare batteries for notebooks, cameras and cell phones.